New!! Product from Operation BIM

A product manufactured from The Research and Development Project on "Development of Food Products for Health and Beauty from Mangosteen" by the research team of Mangosteen Research and Development Center (Thailand)., The Project was co-sponsored by Agricultural Research and Development Center (Public Organzation) and Asian Phytoceuticals Public Compuny Limited in 2008-2009.

"Lately my waistline keeps going down.

My immune keeps going up...

my skin and face complexion get better as well"

Mangosteen juice synergized with nutritional natural extracts.
Reducing excess body fat, firming shape with natural process.
Balance body immune.
Blood tests before and after use showed no side-effects, but an increase in immunity.

28 Volunteers drink 1 bottle of MILS a day for 4 weeks.

Area reduced
around navel
10.50 cm.
5.55 cm.
4cm. above navel
10.10 cm.
5.10 cm.
4 cm. below navel
13.00 cm.
4.99 cm.
12.00 cm.
3.98 cm.
5.30 kg.
1.41 kg.


Volunteers in trial project

K. Thanapat C.
K. Korawan S.
K. Ratchanee K.

The Evolution of MILS

The Queen of Fruits

The mangosteen is a fruit that is widely popular in Asia; it is referred to as the "Queen of Fruits", probably because of the crown-like stem on its top.  Its pulp is clean white, sweet and delicious. It is unique. Consuming mangosteen provides us with many types of vitamins and minerals and its fiber also aids bowel movement.  As well as enjoying them as fruit, Thais have also used mangosteen in traditional medicine for centuries.

Thai researchers find valuable qualities in mangosteen.

In 1977 researchers of Operation BIM of the Thai Mangosteen Research and Development Centre started a multi-disciplinary study of the properties of mangosteen and found that it contains more than 40 natural derivatives of the Xanthones group.  Their research also revealed that for it to give the highest benefits, the concentration of the mangosteen's most effective property, namely GM-1, must be consumed in an appropriate amount.  This gives nourishment, and balances the immune system by boosting the production of an appropriate amount of interleukin-2, a bio-molecule produced by white blood cells to increase immunity.  It also stems the production of interleukin-1, which is a bio-molecule that causes autoimmune disease, without reducing it to harmful levels.  The overall result is that the body can better protect itself from foreign bodies such as dangerous chemicals, fungal, viral and bacterial infections, as well as from cancerous cells.  It is also able to reduce the unusual symptoms caused by auto-immune related diseases such as skin problems, psoriasis, diabetes, deteriorated kneecap, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's disease, liver and kidney inflammation. The results of the research carried out by the Operation BIM team have been published in international journals and have been widely publicized in national and international media.

When the prized fruit has problems, the solutions to solve them are found.

At certain times of the year mangosteen in Thailand is heavily devalued, as the market is flooded with produce that ripens at the same time, resulting in financial; losses for fruit farmers. The Operation BIM scientists felt responsible toward the fruit they had researched for so long and deemed it necessary to use the knowledge they had accumulated during the course of their research to find a way to increase the value of mangosteen in order to help the plight of Thai fruit growers.  Their intentions were proposed to many relevant governmental organisations until finally they were commissioned by the Agricultural Research Development Agency (a public company) for a project to develop food and beauty products from the mangosteen. The objective was to use the pulp and seed of the mangosteen to produce a food product that has a standard amount of GM-1 as a core, without using additives, preservatives or sugar for taste and colour, and without using the rind of the fruit, thereby cutting out the risk of any pesticide contamination and excessive tannin contamination that is toxic for the liver, and can cause cancer in the cheek or intestines if consumed regularly.

When the resultant product, a concentrated mangosteen juice, was tested it was found to miraculously improve the health and quality of the lives of people suffering from fungal, bacterial, viral infections, cancer, autoimmune disease, skin problems, psoriasis, diabetes, deteriorated kneecap, arthritis, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's disease, liver inflammation and kidney failure.

Getting in shape with mangosteen.

Additionally the Operation BIM research team applied their expertise to develop a food supplement that is effective in reducing excess fat and promoting a lean, shapely figure.  The MILS formula concentrated mangosteen juice is produced by mixing concentrated mangosteen juice with an effective derivative for reducing excess fat and firming the body. This product was tested with 28 Thai volunteers for 28 days using international testing standards. The results that are given in the chart below show that the MILS formula concentrated mangosteen juice succeeded in making volunteers shapelier. Additional benefits found amongst the volunteers include better skin, clearer facial complexion, and because of the additional interleukin-2 in the serum, their immunity was also increased. From blood sample analysis of these volunteers before and after the use of MILS, no side effects were found.

Test Results of 28 volunteers who drank 1 bottle of MILS per day for 4 weeks

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Most significant
Most significant
Most significant
Most significant
Waist (level with navel) (cm.)
4cm. Above the navel (cm.)
4cm. Below the navel (cm.)
Hip (cm.)
Weight (Kg.)

To protect the researchers and Thailand's interests, the Operation BIM scientists have registered patents in Thailand and internationally.  

The Thai patent number is 0901004137 and the international patent is PCT/SG2009/000166.

What would you gain by taking the MILS formula concentrated mangosteen juice?

You will gain a shapely body, reduction in excess fats, smooth skin, and clear complexion, as well as a strong immune system. By using this product you will also help to determine a long-term policy for improving the livelihood of mangosteen farmers and the Thai economy.

Recommendations for the use of MILS

If you use MILS according to the instructions found on the package you will achieve the same results as the 28 volunteers, as listed in the above chart. If you have an unusual condition such as large amounts of excess fat, very low metabolism, a genetic disposition to weight gain, or if you have previously used many other slimming products, or if you are experiencing hormonal adjustment, such as during menopause, the effect of MILS may be lessened.

Scientific evidence clearly shows that regular exercise whilst taking this product will increase the efficacy of the product manifold, therefore if you have one of the unusual conditions listed above you should increase the amount of exercise you do.  Whilst taking MILS your appetite will be curbed and we recommend that you stop eating when you feel full.  Do not force yourself to eat and do not think about the food left on your plate.  If you feel drowsy during the first stages of taking MILS you can get rid of this feeling by walking around; this will make you feel refreshed again.

This MILS package was specially produced to achieve the results you desire.  We have also included our SlimSAFE cream which is very effective for firming the parts of the body it is used on. If used together you should get the highest degree of satisfaction after 1 or 2 courses of treatment.


MILS is not recommended for pregnant woman, breast-feeding mothers and children under 17 years of age.